Programs and Services offered by The Christian Culture Center

"Through Grants. Programs and Services...

...the Christian Culture Center helps you
establish God's Word in culture."

Christian Culture Center Grants Programs and Services (GPS)

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Christian Culture Center Grants

Grants are used to commission specific works to accomplish specific goals that help further the Christian Culture Center's mission as it benefits those carrying out the work. We might offer a grant for a specific project or a specific event that helps sperad the love of Christ in a community. We might offer a grant to get a certain task done such as a painting or a theatrical play. Grants are used to help establish and spread Christianity, they are not used as a social relief fund as there are many wonderful, sound organizations that provide humanitarial services. At the Christian Culture Center, we specailize in commissioning works that glorify God and help commnicate his Word across the world is a loving fashion.


Christian Culture Center Programs

The Christian Culture Center may sponsor its own programs and events from time to time to help further it's mission and serve it's supporters. One of the programs in the planning stages is called, "The Harvest is Truly Great" which is a fall festival that invites Christians from around the globe to share how God's working within them to will and to do of His good pleasure.


Christian Culture Center Services

The Christain Culture Center plans to offer services to help equip people to do God's will on earth. This can include educating people both spiritually and practially.  We might hold classes on how to share your faith with someone. Or how to paint or how to write songs. We will utilize the best available talent in the Christian community to share what they know and do best.