Grant Programs

The Christian Culture Center Grant Programs

The Christian Culture Center's Grants Program

The Christian Culture Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help increase the impact of Christ in our culture. We help Christians find and obtain the resources necessary to accomplish projects that help glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and benefit people.

Part of our ministry is to offer grants to individuals and organizations to help fund projects that will impact the culture in which they live.  This page explains our goals with this aspect of ministry.

The grant giving aspect of our ministry is not currently active.  We are in the planning stages and need your input.  Opportunities exist for those who want to help shape our grant programs and services.



Types of Grants We Want To Offer

We are still in the planning stages, but our goal is to offer much needed funds to individuals and organizations who have genuine, verifiable projects, which can be proved to help establish more of a Christian culture. Grants might be given to help fund the following types of projects.

  • Theatrical productions
  • Music concerts
  • Art and Art Exhibits
  • Specific projects by Christian Youth organizations
  • Education and training
  • Too many more to list here

Any type of work that helps inspire people to become more like Jesus Christ will be considered. Our Advisory Board will help determine the types of projects that grants will be awarded for.

What About Humanitarian Aid?

The Christian Culture Center wholeheartedly recognizes the need and supports the giving of humanitarian aid to help end hunger, world strife and to promote the general welfare of all people in all nations. We recognize and are thankful for the many organizations that exist to help collect and distribute humanitarian aid throughout the world. In times of crisis we are happy to help. However The Christian Culture Center supports a different area of work, specifically works that are directly related to influencing the culture of an area. Our grant program will focus on promoting Christ throughout the world. We're not ruling out helping in time of crises, but that is not our overall focus.

How Funds Will Be Raised

Funds will be raised in a variety of legal and ethical ways including the following.

  • Direct contributions by individuals and organizations
  • Profits from the sale of products in our Christian Culture Center Store
  • Revenue from public projects
  • Direct fellowships and grants from other foundations

The Christian Culture Center is a 501C3 nonprofit organization and is allowed to receive funding from individuals and organizations.  Contributions in the United States are directly tax deductible for contributors.  We believe people who see the value of the projects we fund will contribute without the need for tax deductibility in other countries where we become active.