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 You are the gift we need!


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If you are a Christian, you already are an Advisory Board member!  All you have to do is claim your seat! We need your input! Will you spend 5 minutes every month or two to complete an online survey? No purchase or donation is required.

Joining the Advisory Board is as Simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Affirm that you believe Jesus is Lord and that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9,10)

2. Provide your name and email address – these will be kept absolutely confidential

3. Complete an online survey every month or two to provide direction to your foundation

We will notify you by email when a new survey has been posted. It should take you under five minutes every month or so.  You can spend a little more time on it if you desire!

In return we will offer you generous discounts on many products and services including Christian books and CD's, but no donation or purchase is required. Once you have registered, we will keep you informed of all Christian Culture Center activities in a short, free monthly newsletter.

No purchase or donation is required.

To join the Advisory Board, use the sign in form at the right to sigh in if you have already registerd; if not, complete the form at the right.

Please read the details below.

Why Have An Advisory Board?
What Does the Advisory Board do?
Who Can Get Involved?
What is the Commitment?
How Does Being An Advisory Board Member Benefit Me?
Does it Cost Anything?
How Can I Participate?

Why Have An Advisory Board?

Every Christian is needed if we want to accomplish the Great Commission our Lord gave nearly 2000 years ago. Ministry is best accomplished with everyone involved. The apostle Paul amply illustrates this with the analogy of the human body in I Corinthians 12. God places us in the body of Christ with specific functions, therefore we all need each other (“the eye can’t say to the hand, ‘I have no need of you’”).

We have a vast array of skills, talents and abilities within the Christian community. We have precious, multi-faceted gifts our Lord has blessed us with, and we have tremendous resources available to help accomplish our Lord’s will. By working together, we can accomplish great things and increase the impact of Christ in our culture.

The Christian Culture Center is dedicated to help increase the impact of Christ in our culture.

This is a grass roots effort. There is no corporate office center, no long list of departments and employees, and no warehouses or facilities of our own. We plan to accomplish our goals through the united effort of the body of Christ, where the riches of God’s grace already abound.

We are assembling the Christian Culture Center Advisory Board.  We invite and sincerely desire every Christian to participate.

Registering as an Advisory Board member gives you an active, equal voice in the affairs of our foundation. You will help us determine what we need to accomplish as a body to increase the impact of Christianity in our culture.

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What does the Advisory Board do?
Our Advisory Board provides input which helps direct the Christian Culture Center. Members of the Advisory Board complete occasional surveys and vote upon matters of relevance to the operations of the Christian Culture Center. Although it has no legal bearing, the Advisory Board helps us set policies and procedures in many ways, including suggesting the types of projects that should receive funding, reviewing and voting upon submitted grant applications, and by monitoring our finances to ensure honesty and integrity. 

Who can get involved?
Have you confessed Jesus is Lord?
Do you believe God raised him from the dead? 
(See Romans 10:9,10)

If so, then you are a member of the body of Christ, and you already are Christian Culture Center Advisory Board Member because the body of Christ is our Advisory Board!  Just let us know who you are by registering with us!  We need your input!  Registering with us to keep in touch on a regular basis.

We want the Advisory Board to represent the entire body of Christ. We need Christians from around the world to give their input. We need Christians from all walks of life to give their opinions. We need everyone, whether you are in school, you work at MacDonald's or you are the president of a multinational company.  We need blue collar workers, white collar workers, pastors, educators, students, family members, and professionals. We need Christians involved in fine arts, youth group leaders, writers and Christians from every facet of society. Every Christian can help the foundation grow, function, and bless more and more people as it does. We hope you will consider participating as an Advisory Board member.  The time commitment is minimal. We've designed this so anybody can do it, no matter how busy or involved in other ministries and activities they are.

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What is the Commitment?
The most important, and the shortest commitment is to spend a few minutes once every month or two, from your own home, or from a friend's or a library computer, completing a short survey and voting on important issues. The survey will be posted in the Advisory Board Members area on this web site. You can log in any time to see the results.

We sincerely hope that every Christian will decide to give their Christian foundation direction. There is so much at stake.

Though not required, some Advisory Board members will want to share their skills, talents and resources through our Involvement Opportunities. These opportunities vary in the amount of time and resources they require. Some Involvement Opportunities may become paid positions as the Center grows and expands.  If you are interested, please register as an Advisory Board Member and then check out our current Involvement Opportunities, or suggest one yourself.  Becoming involved in such an opportunity is not required when you register as an Advisory Board member.

You determine the extent of your own involvement.  We are quite thankful if you complete the online survey every month or so.  We are ecstatic if you get more involved. How much time you spend depends on your own time constraints, your own needs and wants and the opportunities you select, if you select any. You can get as involved as little or as much as you want.

No purchase or donation is required to register as an Advisory Board member.

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How does being an Advisory Board member benefit me?
First of all, you will be providing your valuable input to your Christian foundation.  How rewarding is the reality that you are joining with thousands of other Christians to help establish a more Christian culture?  We believe this is reward enough!  But you will also benefit in additional ways, depending upon the extent of your own self-determined involvement.

The benefits derived from being involved are as unique as each individual. Each Advisory Board member will benefit from being able to give their opinion where it counts. You will share in the direction as well as profit from the accomplishments of your Christian foundation as we make an impact in this world.

Some members will get involved in additional ways. Through such involvement, they will improve their resum├ęs (or CVs in the UK) by gaining experience in a particular type of work related to their career objectives. Others will benefit from meeting new people already involved or interested in related areas of expertise. Some people will benefit simply from the satisfaction of being able to share their skills, talents and abilities with others for a Christian, rather than a secular cause.

Once you become an Advisory Board member, if you want to consult with us to determine how you can get involved that will best benefit both you and the Christian Culture Center's cause, we will be happy to speak with you.  One of our chief objectives is to strengthen the body of Christ by empowering each individual member to do what Christ asks them to do.  Feel free to send us an email or a letter and request a conference about our particular gifts and abilities.

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Does it Cost Anything?
It cost Jesus Christ his life for you to become a member of God's eternal family.  Therefore, it costs you nothing to register as an
Advisory Board member.  No donation or purchase is required.

We are a foundation.  Obviously, one of our chief objectives is to raise and distribute funds and other resources in line with our mission statement. Sometimes people feel if a ministry asks for money all the time, it is greedy and not doing God's will.  Often, this is true, and we agree wholeheartedly that money is not the focus of ministry, rather doing God's will is.  

Doing good works in this world often has a price tag associated with it.  Often that price tag is high!  Ask your pastor or minister how much it costs to run the church every month.  Ask any ministry how much it costs for support staff and do the work they are doing.  They will be honest with you.  Someone has to donate those funds in order for them to survive and do the work they are called to do. Many of them will tell you it costs more than they are receiving, or that if they had more they could do more.  

A foundation has to raise money in order to distribute it.  Money usually comes from regular, individual donations. We will ask you to contribute a dollar a month to help us meet these objectives, but we do not require a donation, we will not pressure you, and we do not want you to feel like you have to give any monetary amount, or that you are not doing your part if you choose not to give.  We feel Christians have been severely abused in this area and we won't repeat the pattern. We want to earn your trust before you even consider giving financially, and even then we only want you to give financially if you can truly afford to.  We are here to feed the flock, not to fleece it.  We feel your primary giving should be to your local ministry. 

By becoming an Advisory Board member, you are agreeing to give us iinput on a regular basis.  This is our primary objective, so we can do in accordance with what Jesus Christ speaks to us through the body of Christ.  If you choose to give financially that would be a great blessing, but only if you trust us, you believe in what we are doing, and you can afford to give.

Yes, we are seeking people who will contribute a set amount each month so we can establish regular programs to help increase the impact of Christ in our culture.  But it is important for you to understand that it is not required.  Please see our page on how we raise funds for more information about how we raise money for various grants, programs and services.

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How can I participate?
To join the Advisory Board, use the sign in form at the right to sigh in if you have already registerd; if not, complete the form at the right.

Then honor your minimum commitment to pray for the Christian Culture Center and eveyrone involved in it, and spend a few minutes every week or so completing a short online survey and voting on important issues. If you want to get involved in one or more of our involvement opportunities you must first register as an Advisory Board Member by confessing your Christian faith and providing your name and email address.

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